Why Slippers Are No Longer the Dull Christmas Gift


Once upon a time, a pair of slippers was just a pair of slippers. Functional, but not at all exciting, they were beaten only by socks as the dullest Christmas present a person can receive. Now though, that has all changed with the introduction of novelty slippers, which are not only cute and fun, but also keep your feet much warmer than the traditional slippers.

Manufacturers are falling over themselves to design the latest in novelty slippers and there are a large number of products on the market. Originally aimed at children, the range has been largely extended to cater for adults – both men and women alike, with a range of wacky designs being created.

The first products on the market were perhaps unsurprisingly tied to Disney movies with well loved cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, Winnie the Pooh or Roger Rabbit appearing in slipper form. This range has been massively extended in recent years though, with sports and movie characters being popular products.

Recently, there has been the introduction of a range of football slippers – a must for any die hard football fan! Football slippers make the perfect gift for your husband or partner, brother, sister, child or friend. It adds a personal touch to any present and makes sure they won’t forget to wear their slippers in the house!

Not only are novelty slippers fun, they are often more comfortable and softer than traditional slippers. They are great starters for fashion conversations with sleepovers or just hanging out with friends. These slippers are not made just for girls or just for boys. There are plenty of designs that will accommodate both genders. You can find them in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colours that will best suit your desires.

No matter what your age or sex, you will enjoy a pair of novelty slippers. Giving someone a pair of these slippers can bring a smile to their face as well as keeping their feet warm. They make an ideal gift and are relatively inexpensive to buy.

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Article Source: Why Slippers Are No Longer the Dull Christmas Gift