Kids Moccasins – Practical, Stylish, Hard Wearing, Comfortable And A Great Gift Idea


There are many different types of kids moccasins available on the market these days and they are great buy for special occasions. Celebrating their birth, birthdays and then their achievements in school and college can truly make a parent’s life beautiful. Having kids can be a great source of joy. Parents sometimes run out of ides as to what gift they can give their child on a birthday or during holidays while they are planning for a trek. Getting a kid moccasins might be a great idea if your child is adventurous and active.

minnetonka-moccasinsMoccasins were originally shoes made of soft leather worn by Native American traders and settlers. The original moccasin designs were beaded and embroidered and some of that has spilled over to today’s moccasins design too. The decoration was done in the olden days for the leaders of the tribes and for chieftains. But now everyone has the choice of owning moccasins that are decorated beautifully and especially kids moccasins. The materials that are used in the making of them are deerskin, sheepskin, cowhide, suede and leather. Further varieties include soft sole, hard sole, laced and beaded. These differently decorated ones can be bought as gifts for kids.

You can even get moccasins for babies and the best part about them is that they keep a baby’s toes and feet adequately warm and allow the baby to walk even on rough surfaces with ease. The parents also don’t need to worry about their baby getting hurt because of the rough ground. Babies moccasins can make a great christening gift, practical yet different.

The bead artwork is another aspect which makes kid’s moccasins look different and far more attractive. The soft soles in kid’s moccasins are mainly used for indoor activities and the hard sole for outdoor activities. There are Back Zipper Moccasin Boots available for children in four colors in the market viz. blue, tan, black and brown. They are available in both hard as well as soft sole. There are fringe accents on the shoes which makes the style even more impressive and different.

Another pair of kids moccasins which look really great are Side Tie One Button Moccasin Boots which are available online. They have a side entry which is easily accessible. They also have a button on the sides which shines and will appeal to the children. They are made of suede material which makes them look even grander.

Other popular styles of kids moccasins include Infants Velcro Back Flap Bootie, Childrens 3 Layer Fringe Boots – Dusty Brown Suede and Infants Braid On Cuff Bootie. The Velcro Back Flap Bootie has leather uppers which are unbelievably comfortable. They are available in White Deerskin, Brown Suede, Pink Suede, Tan Suede and Natural Deerskin colors.

They can be great fun for the kid as these moccasins have fringes surrounding the whole of the shoe. The Velcro at the back makes it very easy for even the kid to wear. Children’s 3 Layer Fringe Boots are available in two styles viz. dusty brown, brown and black suede. These kids moccasins have an insole which is fully padded for extra comfort.

The very best thing about kids moccasins I’ve found is that it isn’t as much of a struggle getting your kids to wear sensible shoes for school. They get to wear shoes that look cool and are fashionable, you get peace of mind knowing that their footwear is hard wearing and comfortable.

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